On the PULL

Location: Embassy, Skegness  Date: Feb/2023
+ SO What Gallery, Skegness / February 24

On the Pull . . .

An exhibition highlighting the ebb & flow of an ever-changing seascape.

The pull...

As distant as the Moon may seem, its gravitational pull on Earth plays a huge role in the formation of tides. To coincide with 'in Orbit' by UK artist Luke Jerram, John shall be showcasing ten new pieces of work highlighting the ebb & flow of an ever-changing seascape. 

John is an inspiration, a photographer who has the imagination to see art in all kinds of places and the passion to be compelled to share his vision.

It is also a delight to see Johns work to promote Skegness in arts and culture recognised in his new book 'Wanderlusting"

Strictly limited fine art prints from the exhibition are available for purchase :)


The beaching of dead whales might have the moon and its pull on the tides to blame!

Dead sperm whale - Skegness. © Byford
Offshore Wind Farm - Skegness © Byford

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