Location: Germany / United Kingdom  Date: 2024

2nd January - 31st January 2024
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June 2024 
Brunshausen, Bad Gandersheim - Germany

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Lanzarote, Islas Canarias

Wanderlusting . . . 

The town of Bad Gandersheim has been twinned with the seaside resort of Skegness on the North Sea coast of England since 1979. The aim of this partnership is friendship and understanding between the people in our communities.

British artist and photographer John Byford has been a member for over 20 years and is the driving force behind numerous art projects here in the city. After a number of projects and exhibitions, I am particularly pleased that he has now decided to create a permanent work with his photographs. The fact that this was possible parallel to our state garden show, with another Skegness related project therein, gives the publication a suitable framework.

John Byford's photographs are rarely staged. In his choice of subjects immediate realism is paired with his very own (British?) perspective. He loves the bizarre, the irritating detail as well as the magnificence of the world.

His book and accompanying exhibition in 2024 invites us to see this world through his eyes. Surprising, never idealised, sometimes multi-layered - and always personal. Embrace this perspective, it always gives me pleasure.

Ingrid Lohmann
Town Twinning Bad Gandersheim - Skegness

The book

A reflection of my irresistible urge to wander and shoot the world from my perspective armed with just a camera.

236 pages. Hardback.

First edition - 750 copies.

Price: £39.95 - PURCHASE

IBAN: 9 783982 547008

On sale from June 2023

"Because life is a journey!"
Feria de Málaga, Spain ©Byford.JOHN

Book Reviews

Wendy E Gould - UK

I’m privileged to have been given a sneak preview of “Wanderlusting” the eagerly anticipated photographic journey publication by John Byford.

As I turned each page I was totally captivated. I immersed myself into the fascinating, visually stunning and compelling universe of John’s unique perspective. Each image told a story and invited me to explore and interpret the everyday experiences of a visionary photographer. This book is an engrossing pictorial journey of one man observing his surroundings and all the fascinating characters who have traversed his daily life. It reflects his humanity, his humour and spans a spectrum of relatable emotional responses. I would urge readers to take their time in exploring this beautifully crafted book and connect with John’s artistry.

Cy Langner - Germany

I find the book quite interesting. It shows the differences between humans, cultures and nature alike. I find that some pictures follow a certain aesthetic while others are taken at the perfect time and fit perfectly into it as a whole.

These pictures don't seem to be staged, with someone posing for a period of time, only to get the one perfect picture out of a hundred. No, they seem casual instead and this casual nature makes the pictures more real while almost everything else in my world is staged.

It truly is different!

Thomas Fischer - Germany

It was warm again this Monday morning at the state garden show in Bad Gandersheim. Brexit or not, the "Pavilion" platform was entirely in British hands today. The national flag on the outside wall of the building unmistakably identified the pavilion as an English island in the realm of the State Horticultural Show.

This included a well-known personality from Bad Gandersheim's English twin town of Skegness - the artist and photographer John Byford.

John happily presents his latest work of art to me. A thick book with a series of his most beautiful, original and cheeky photographs all made on different trips. The title of this photo book is funny: "Wanderlusting", Byford's new neologism. A linguistic symbolism.

Byford's photographs tell many stories. And they're not just aesthetically beautiful. His point of view comes across as authentic. That means bitterly serious, cool and funny. "I don't look at it...", Elke Pilz commented on my question as to whether she could interpret all the photographs with her Christian self-image. Nina answered the same question simply and confidently: "I'll have to explain some of the pictures to my child...".

That's exactly how it is. Byford's picture book stimulates discourse on art and more!

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