SO Jolly 100

Location: Town Hall, Skegness    Date: 2008

Skegness is SO . . .

An exhibition to celebrate the Jolly Fisherman's 100th birthday. 1908 ~ 2008

A controversial version of the Jolly Fisherman poster has sparked disagreement in Skegness as the town celebrates the mascot's 100th birthday.

The resort's iconic advertisement with the words "Skegness is So Bracing" was adapted by Viz magazine.

The reworked poster will form part of an exhibition in September in the seaside town - but with the offending swear words covered up.

John Byford, the exhibition curator, said it was an important part of the Jolly Fisherman story.

"Art has always been subjective but if you're going to have an exhibition celebrating the life of this iconic figure over the last 100 years it would be criminal not to include the Viz version...

"You have to remember that the images of Jolly have been redrawn hundreds of times over these 100 years and the first satirical version appeared in Punch not long after the launch in 1908."

But the town's mayor Councillor Ken Milner said the poster would be offensive and could upset people giving the resort a bad image.

"If you offend just one person it spoils the whole display. We are a family resort and the poster is in very poor taste," he said.

"People might think the beach is dirty and has got needles all over it and that's not the case."

The original picture was drawn by John Hassall in 1908 after it was commissioned by the Great Northern Railway Company.

The Viz picture, published in the mid-90s, depicts a large woman skipping along a beach covered in litter.

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