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Location: Sweden and Denmark  Date: 2012

Peep Box . . . 

Take a peep through Byford's glory hole - you might just be surprised!

Award-winning artist is announced for 'Passage Festival' 2011 in Dunkers Kulturhus - Helsingborg, Sweden followed by the prestigious Culture Yard in Helsingør, Denmark.

Award winning photographer John Byford brought some artistic sparkle to the Passage Festival 2011 line up, with a glittering, photographic portrayal of the unique and lively character of both Helsingborg and Helsingør.

All 42 images taken during one weekend in Helsingborg and Helsingør are presented in his latest photographic installation - a six-sided, hexagonal ‘Peep Box’.

Helsingborg’s and Helsingør’s unique character is being reflected in the pictures. Through small peepholes your eyes are directed towards pictures from the two cities: sometimes breathtaking beauty, but even tragedy and humour full of insight, which reflect what it means to be a human being. Byford combines unassailable professional skill with an artistic virtuosity and has the ability both to capture big events and elusive moments in a way that is both original, and at the same time provides full justice to the situation/moment.

John has worked in professional photography since leaving school and has recently received a visual arts award in recognition of his continued arts service to the community. John however still feels his greatest award to date is the satisfaction he receives from showcasing his work and having the opportunity to share his talent and passion for photography.

‘Peep Box’ added to the diverse line-up to Passage 11, which promised to offer something for everyone! 

'Peep Box' made its debut in Skegness, England at the SO Festival. MORE INFO


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Helsingborg and Helsingør ©Byford.JOHN

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