Made in England

Location: Germany, Hungary & Italy  Date: 2014

Made in England . . .

A touring exhibition of twenty artists from Skegness travelling to Germany, Hungary and Italy.

I was Made in England...

The varied, ever changing yet reassuringly constant landscape of Skegness plays a vital role in the inspiration of its artists - contrasts of the epic rolling Wolds with often calm but also equally dramatic torrents of the sea; the garish, addictive attraction of fairground amusements versus tranquil sculpted public gardens and unspoilt nature reserves.

You will see homage paid to all that makes Skegness special appearing more than once in the Made in England exhibition - the characters, scenery, history as well as the effects of the transient nature of tourism on our town.

Skegness has been twinned with the German town of Bad Gandersheim since 1979 - objectives of the association are to promote friendship and understanding between the people of both towns.

Another motivation of the project has been to promote opportunities to network and so bring about a mutual appreciation of our diversity.

Whilst celebrating and discovering subtle differences and similarities between our individual backgrounds, the international language of Art helps to broaden perspectives and establish a recognised presence for the growth of new collaborative friendships on an international platform.

John Byford ~ Curator


Bad Gandersheim, Germany

Hangony, Hungary

Terni, Italy

Skegness, England

Matlock, England

Meet the 'Made in England' artists

Mark Baumber

Artwork: Day Tripper

John Byford

Artwork: Mad Dog

Anthony Cooke

Artwork: Enough of Me

Robert Cresswell

Artwork: Made in Skegness

Steve Gould

Artwork: The Caravan of Love

Geoff Gurden

Artwork: Dance of Triumph

Terry Hooley

Artwork: Strange thing

Nicki Jarvis

Artwork: Braced

May Jones

Artwork: Skegness

Marcin Korecki

Artwork: Fueled

Matt Partridge

Artwork: Laundrette

Ben Peel

Artwork: The runner

Michael Sanders

Artwork: The Machine can kill

Belinda Saywell

Artwork: Fantasy

Chris Schubert

Artwork: Carl & Buck

Justin Shaw

Artwork: End of the Pier

Malcolm Tait

Artwork: Baling at Reevsby

Marie Williamson

Artwork: Starlight

David Wise

Artwork: East coast

Peter Wood

Artwork: Lindsey Light

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