Female Exposure

Location: Germany    Date: 2019

Female Exposure . . .

A project discovering how media's representation of the unobtainable woman has created an impact on societies ideologies of beauty.

Location: Braunshausen, Germany 

Vernissage / Preview : 31. August 2019 @4pm

Exhibition: 1. September 29. September 2019


Hannah Byford is a Skegness based Photographer. The artist studied Photography at the University of East London where she successfully achieved a First Class Honours with distinction within her field. (BA Hons)

Her photographic work is mostly project based, dedicating large periods of her time to one specific field. Her dedication to one singular project at a time ensures its evolvement and completion. Her work, for a majority of the time is self-initiated, spending lots of time collecting new inspiration for future projects. Her time at university has allowed her to evolve into an aspiring photographer and has been the foundation for her continuous advancement and growth in the field.

Her choice of subject stems from a fascination for traditional understandings of relationships, alongside an embedded passion for female representation. Hannah's work embodies a naturalist approach. Using realism and natural light, her work symbolises a more truthful interpretation of the world around her, focusing on cultural matters within the 21st century.


There are no words to describe the devastating heartbreak of being told you have cancer. So yes, I have cancer - but that doesn’t mean everything has to change. Cancer cannot shatter my hope, it cannot conquer my spirit nor will it invade my mind. Cancer cannot diminish the things I love and treasure and will not change my ambition, or what I want from my life. That’s not to say this hasn’t been the hardest time of my life, nor does it change the battle ahead of me – but today I read that ‘hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness’ – and I have plenty of hope, love and support surrounding me.

Admitting you have cancer is hard. Accepting you have cancer – even harder. Denial is a stage I’ve been at these past few months. To be 24 and facing fertility treatment alongside chemotherapy isn’t something I ever planned for. To say I feel lucky seems like a crazy thing to say, but I feel lucky to be in a position where I can be treated - knowing I’m on a path to eventual health. I know not everyone who is diagnosed with cancer can say the same, so I feel fortunate. Facing cancer at any age is never going to be an easy path to walk. But we face it, we walk that path, we fight it with everything we have and we try to remain strong despite the fear.

I want to bring light to what is a dark time in my life by raising as much awareness and support for young adults and children who face cancer. Sadly symptoms of cancer in those who are young are often symptoms ignored. The Teenage Cancer Trust has been nothing but amazing during my entire journey and will continue to support me. For every young person they help, there’s another they unfortunately can’t.

I braved my biggest insecurities, faced my biggest fears and walked into a thousand judgmental eyes, but I did it, and I finally realised – maybe bald isn’t so bad after all. To look in the mirror and not recognise yourself is one of the hardest things you can face when you have cancer. And although it took me until today to realise, it’s liberating to finally to understand that my appearance is not what defines me. Cancer stole my hair, my health, and my body – and yet, I’m still the same person.

I hope 2019 brings peace. To be at peace with what I’ve been through, and to be at peace with where I’m heading. I’m excited to regain my happiness, my health and to finally conquer this battle.

Kloster Brunshausen 7, 37581 Bad Gandersheim, Germany - LOCATION

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